PSD File Repair Tool

Are you dealing with any of these or other mentioned PSD file issues?
  • It usually happens that when you try to open PSD files that are already created on some or the other version then it will kick an error messages which will duly state that “you are unable to read PSD files”, while processing your files may get corrupted.
  • When you are working with Adobe Photoshop and if you saved file repeatedly using Ctrl+S keys then often it happens that file may not open or refuse to open and this scene happens because of internal Photoshop corruption and this leads to corrupted file of image which is accumulated in it.
  • When you tend to open stored PSD files on Adobe Photoshop application and if else it happens that pop-up messages will display showing “could not complete request because it is not valid to PSD files” or so on messages and vice versa so it is done that your file might have corrupted due to powerful virus or malicious malware.

When you are facing corruption on this file due to a range of reasons then it will repudiate to open and you will receive pop-up error messages such as “unable to open the requested file” or sometime it will display “Unexpected end of file error” and lots more such as “it could not complete the request because file is incompatible with this version” and vice versa. So just go for PSD file repair tool which will effectively repair your inaccessible damaged PSD file and then you will be able to enjoy your favorite photo file again with no glitches.


 Repair corrupt Photoshop PSD Files

About PSD File Format

PSD file is a kind file extension of the covered photo file that is then and there shaped by Photoshop application. It stands for Photoshop document which comprises color spaces, layers, vector masks, color blending properties, transference modes and vice versa. Adobe Photoshop is such kind application, by the help of it you can easily create pictures, design graphics, modify color modes, backgrounds via edit images properties and vice versa. If you will examine critically then in some cases you will find or assume that Photoshop application image files have PSB extension where PSB stands for Photoshop big. You must know that the latest version of the Photoshop is CS6 which has additional features which is therefore used to create videos, moving graphics via visual effects. Adobe Photoshop is a kind of application which comprises of creativity where most of the people loves photography so by using this application you can easily edit existing images and can create more beautiful and vibrant images by using its significant features. This is such a vibrant application that even professionals make use of this application to design this files.

Reasons behind the corruption of PSD Files:

There are various common reasons which cause corruption in PSD files and once it gets corrupted you will not able to view the content image. The best way to fix corrupted or damaged files in few simple and safe clicks is to use a repair tool. This plays very significant and vibrant role for repairing corrupted Files of different Adobe Photoshop versions. But before proceeding to gain knowledge about the procedure for repairing PSD Files, you have to know the efficient rules behind the issue of PSD Files corruptions; some of the major reasons are traced below:

  • It happen a sudden shut down just because of power outrage and in the meantime an unexpected instance of Photoshop files downloaded from the usage of Internet then maybe it will result in PSD File corruption and makes it to generate which are therefore inaccessible to user or clients.
  • File inappropriateness issues are the additional chief grounds behind this disaster. These errors usually arose when PSD File not accepts or rejects to open just because of version inappropriateness. Often such errors results in PSD File corruption and makes it unreadable indeed.
  • Often it happens that viruses like Spyware, malware, adware and Trojan horse which comes from internet when you are about to download something or it comes from the infected removable devices which corrupts the Photoshop file strictly. These kinds of viruses give a direct attack on the internal file and destroy PSD File.
  • Sometime it happens that frequent round tripping also connects with this problem. Continuously if you are using this method sometime may corrupts the Photoshop File so badly that it starts showing error messages.

Repair damaged/corrupt PSD Files

An advanced PSD Repair Tool that repairs damaged Photoshop files safely and gives you proper repaired image in original format along with the repaired layers and the corresponding bitmap file. The few recoveries are traced below:

  • Repairing of PSD files developed by using any Photoshop color mode.
  • Repairing of corrupted PSB which is large document format files.
  • Repairing of images with PDD file extension.
  • It therefore provides images which comprises of repaired file.
  • It supports and executes Adobe Photoshop that is CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5.

Features of PSD File Repair Tool

  • PSD Repair - This software usually repairs corrupt files which are therefore created by Photoshop graphics editor and saves mended image as a clean file. The work of this is to repair all the component layer of PSD files in an individual folder along with the Bitmap image of the Photoshop files.
  • PSB Repair - This software proficiently upkeep the images saved in PSB file format that frequently have a superior magnitude and length restrictions than the native PSD format. The software repairs reimbursement in PSB file using any Photoshop color mode such as Index color palette, RGB color palette, , LAB color palette Gray color palette and supports repairing of layers' properties.
  • PDD Repair - This software deals with corruption issues in PDD Files which is compressed image files which is duly created and assumed with PhotoDeluxe. PSD Repair works by scanning the corrupted file and fixing the layer via layer properties and other Pixels and dimensions of the original or real image.
  • Search File Option - If you do not have any clue or awareness about clear and exact location there Triggers is an advanced options to search to locate Photoshop files that includes PSD, PSB and PDD.
  • Preview of Files - This feature is very genuine and interesting where you can easily take a sneak peek at the repaired PSD Files which is prior to be saved, and after completion of the Repair process you can easily save repaired file at the desired of your choice in the system tentatively.
  • Compatible and Supportive - This tool usually supports all windows versions which include Window7, Window 8, 2008 or 2003 Server, Window Vista, Window 2000 and Window XP. This software repairs PSD Files from the latest Photoshop version which includes CS4, CS5, CS2, CS3 and CS1.

Steps to Repair Corrupt PSD File

Here are the guidelines how to fix up the damaged/corrupted PSD file